Knock! Knock! Crossing the Threshold of Faith and Home, 2009

Crossing the Threshold of Faith and HomeKnock! Knock! Crossing the Threshold of Faith and Home opened at the Diana Wortham Theater, Asheville, N.C., in April 2009 to 600 patrons of Community Choreography Projects.

Show Description
The evening performance genuinely exams the joyous reminiscences and poignant tribulations about our homes, family and relationships- past, present and future. The versatile performers weave their real life experiences into a passionate interpretation igniting collective memories which shape us as unique individuals and as a larger community and global world. The evening also invites us into the diversity and complexity of our relationship with our Faith, as well as what binds and synchronizes us as humanity. In the format of movement theater, poetry, media and music, the burning points of our lives become the unmistakable turning points and the gracious inspiration of a genuine community performance.

The evening features two premiere movement theater pieces by choreographer, Barrie Barton as well as dazzling music featuring local musicians Daniel Barber, Paula Hanke, Maya Joelle and Jack Devereux, vibrant poetry with Donna Glee Williams and Jay Joslin, uplifting humor with local actors Tebbe Davis, Richard Camuto and Amy LaDeroute and a eclectic multi-dimensional media presentation by Tootie Watson. The evening concludes with an interactive public discussion with the performers.

Featured Original Works in this Show

There’s No Place Like Home’ takes a tender yet skewed look at home, the places we lived, grew up and moved away from. Participants explored how the physical, sensorial, emotional, socio-cultural role of home or lack of home shapes our lives. Ultimately, the piece expresses our intrinsic and fundamental connection with place.

    • Choreography: Barrie Barton with Cast Members
    • Media: Russ Gowan
    • Set: Tim Wilkins


‘Talking to God’ reveals the diversity and complexity of our relationship with our Faith, as well as what binds and synchronizes us as humanity. In the format of dance, art, poetry and music, ‘Talking to God’ carries us from our cultural upbringing to a crisis of faith and beyond.

  • Choreography: Barrie Barton With Cast Members
  • Original Music: Daniel Barber
  • Photography: Tootie Watson
  • Original Poetry: Donna Glee Williams and Jay Joslin
  • Poetry Performed by: Paula Hanke
  • Voice Performed by: MayaJoelle Aubrey

Cast Members in Original Works

  • Betsy Ball
  • Brandon Fox
  • Christen Collins
  • Cornelia Scibetta
  • Dawn Rockwell
  • Dorisse
  • Grace Shen
  • Jennifer Stansbury
  • Joann Rose
  • Jody Friedman
  • Josh Stansbury
  • Kathryn Gunn
  • Leanna Joyner
  • Leigh Coakley Pettus
  • Lisa Wolfe
  • Lynda Letourneau
  • Mark Medlin
  • Maureen Simon
  • Merlinda Whitmore
  • Michelle Bevans
  • Mollie Milner
  • Mya LaMoore
  • Nichole Alexandyre
  • Norene Barrett
  • Patrick Fitzsimmons
  • Ric Zeller
  • Sherry Bragg
  • Stephen Houpis
  • Tebbe’ Davis
  • Terry Deal
  • Terry Kirkpatrick
  • Tim Wilkins

Featured Performers: Comedy, Poetry, Music and Media

  • Amy LaDeroute
  • Breah Livolsi Parker
  • Daniel Barber
  • Donna Glee Williams
  • Jay Joslin
  • Ken LaDeroute
  • MayaJoelle Aubrey
  • Paula Hanke
  • Richard Camuto
  • Tootie Watson

Benefiting Agency – Received $1,000 from Community Choreography Projects

CarePartners Hospice Pallative Care Bereavement Center