Holding Love 2006

HOLDING LOVE, The Pulse, Pain and Power of Partnership  Community

Choreography Projects first main stage performance, featured Barrie Barton’s first co-created work. 


The nineteen participants engaged in an exploration of relationship through moving, voicing, writing and choreographing. Beyond We, a dance/voice collage is the culmination of this reflective and personal process.

The piece expresses fundamental elements of romantic relationship from tenderness to ambivalence, from anger to love. Artistic Director, Barrie Barton says, “Choreographing this piece offered the cast an opportunity to explore our relationships and to discover an even greater connection – our community.”

Experiencing the vast and intricate continuum of human expression universally shared, the performers discovered their experiences were mirrors for all the other performers. During rehearsal a performer would say, “I didn’t realize I was not alone in this experience.” The choreographer hopes the audience recognizes a reflection of their story in the piece as well.

The evening includes movement theater, music and humor all seasoned with the topic of relationships. Musical presentations include singer-songwriter, Shawn Gallaway, Mary Davis and Ed Entmacher and The World Beat Band featuring Daniel Barber, James Vandenberg, Sherman Hoover and Ian Cunningham. Actors Ellen Montheith, Debbie Morrow and Tracy Munn perform a comedy skit, Donna Glee Williams offers us poetry and Barrie Barton performs her romantic dance, The Book of Love.

Following the entertainment, the audience is invited to participate with a panel of specialist in the field of relationships. The panel, moderated by Hugh Hunington includes Chip Baggett, Diana Stone and Janae Weinhold.

Original Works in This Show

Beyond We illustrates fundamental elements of romantic relationship from tenderness to ambivalence, from anger to love. Ultimately, the work emphasizes the importance and relevance of creating relationships that co-exist within a larger community; hence, Beyond We.

  • Choreography: Barrie Barton with Cast Members

Cast Members in Original Work

  • Amelia Stuetzel
  • Daniel Barber
  • Don Pfister
  • Fred Strickhouser
  • Grace Shen
  • Jan Gillespie
  • Jeffrey Ray
  • Jennifer Stansbury
  • Kent Joines
  • Laurie Tollman
  • Linda McCane
  • Lydia Gould
  • Lynn Bowers
  • Richard Camuto
  • Sarah Legget
  • Stephen Houpis
  • Steve Arpin
  • Teresa Imfeld
  • Terry Kirkpatrick

Featured Artist: Poetry, Comedy, Music and Media

  • Barrie Barton
  • Daniel Barber
  • Debbie Morrow
  • Donna Glee Williams
  • Ed Entmacher
  • Ellen Monteith
  • Ian Cunningham
  • James Vandenberg
  • Mary Davis
  • Shawn Gallaway
  • Sherman Hoover
  • Tracy Munn

Benefiting Agency:

  • Family Visitation Center

Relationship Panelist

  • Chip Bagget
  • Hugh Huntington
  • Janae Weinhold