Hand Me Down 2011

Hand Me Down -Bestowing our True Inheritance of Life, Lessons and Legacy

Hand Me Down, Bestowing Our True Inheritance Through Life, Lessons and Legacy premiered in April 2011 to Community Choreography Projects’ largest audience. A community of 850 fans joined us for two exceptional evenings of compelling movement theater, engaging story-telling, comedic skits and uplifting music.

Show Description

The performance features two works:  From That I Am; From This I Live and the re-staged, There’s No Place Home.

Based on the lives of 38 community members and evoked through the spirit of collaboration, our Artistic Director and choreographer, Barrie Barton, distills our collection of stories and movements into a passionate and poignant interpretation conveying a universal message.

With a bold and dynamic delivery, actor Frank Marshall performs “City Limits,” a captivating story by Colson Whitehead. The story illuminates how the legacy of our hometown bears witness to our lives. Adding to the ambiance of the evening are local singer songwriter, Daniel Barber, and comedic actors, Amy LaDeroute and Tebbe Davis, playing an endearing elderly couple recapturing the nostalgic memories of their long lived life.

The audience experiences a spicy, eclectic blend of real-life stories with physically expressive choreography that are both humorous and deeply engaging.  The creative unfolding of “Home and Legacy”  are provocative, entertaining and make real the humanity we all share: truly community at it finest.

Featured Original Works in the show

From That I Am; From This I Live explores the ancestral and familial blueprint of values, traditions and lifestyles woven into our life. The piece delves into the essential ingredients, the ordinary, extrordinary and mysterious facets of who and what came before us. Ultimately, the piece expresses the legacy we wish to express moment to moment and to future generations.

  • Choreography: Barrie Barton
  • Media: Russ Gowan

There’s No Place Like Home, takes a tender yet skewed look at home, the places we lived, grew up, and moved away from. The piece examines the joyous reminiscences and poignant tribulations about our homes, family and relationships- past, present and future. Ultimately, the piece expresses our intrinsic and fundamental connection with place.

  • Choreography: Barrie Barton with Cast Members
  • Media: Russ Gowan
  • Set: Tim Wilkins

Cast Members in Original Works

  • Adrienne Crowther
  • Amanda Levesque
  • Avtar Thompson
  • Brenda Swearingen
  • Cynthia Greenfield
  • Cornelia Scibetta
  • Daniel Barber
  • Denise Johnson Crowell
  • Darlene Kuchen
  • David Wright
  • Dawn Rockwell
  • Fiora Lizak
  • Grace Shen
  • Hollice Piris
  • Joann Rose
  • Katheryn Gunn
  • Karen Beijer
  • Kent Joines
  • Leigh Coakley Pettus
  • Linda McLean
  • Majo (John Madden)
  • Maureen Simon
  • Monika Wengler
  • Mya LaMoore
  • Norene Barrett
  • Patrick Fitzsimmons
  • Patty Levesque
  • Peggie Billodeaux
  • Rob Campbell
  • Stephen Houpis
  •  Tebbe Davis
  • Terry Deal
  • Tim Wilkins

 Featured Artist: Comedy, Story, Music and Media

  • Amy LaDeroute
  • Daniel Barber
  • Frank Marshall
  • Patte Vandenberg
  • Russ Gowan
  • Tebbe Davis
  • Terry Kirkpatrick
  • Robert Thomas

Benefiting Agencies

  • CarePartners Hospice Pallative Care Bereavement Center received $2,000.
  • Jubilee Community! received $1,000.


  • CarePartners Foundation
  • Central Counseling Of Asheville
  • Tryon Distributing
  • Shine On Brightly
  • Friends of Dawn McGinnis
  • Friends of “Libby” Lou Vance Johnson
  • Blaine and Cynthia Greenfield

Grant Received

This project is supported by The N.C. Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Cultural Resources with additional funding from local Arts Councils in Avery, Buncombe, Madison, Mitchell and Yancey Counties.