My Intimate Companion ~ My Body

Abstract painting



Asheville-based Community Choreography Projects presents My Intimate Companion ~ My Body, a 9-week artistic conversation, exploration, creative collaboration and presentation workshop. Attendees will be exploring and expressing the inner landscape of their body using stories, movements and images to craft a performance piece.

The workshop, which begins March 14, invites all participants to engage in creative activities and to collectively design a presentation for our community. This two-fold approach serves as a doorway to personal discovery.

“Whether we realize it or not, an on-going never ending conversation is chattering away inside each of us about our bodies,” says CCP Artistic Director Barrie Barton. “Too much of this, too little of that, how do I look and I want that instead of this.”

Barton explains, “The CCP creative process is to harness the unspoken, the hidden, the unshared and the taboo and transform it into the spoken, seen and expressed actions through the container of creativity, performance and community. “

People of all experience levels are invited to join Barton as she facilitates and helps attendees engage in expressive activities using movement, story, writing and art. My Intimate Companion ~ My Body workshop culminates with a community-based movement-theater piece to be performed on Sunday, May 15.

“I enjoyed moving with our group exploring and navigating of some juicy life topics that surfaces our stories in such a clear and simple way,” says former CCP cast member Mindy Coleman. “The path of creating and group expression at the heart of the experience was such an honor be a part!”


  • Registration is currently open
  • 9-week workshop starts Monday, March 14
  • Class meets at Jubilee! Community, 46 Wall St. in Asheville, from 6:00-8:00pm.
  • Course fee: $155.
  • Participants can attend a sample first session for $15.
  • All experience levels and body types welcome.
  • For information and to register: (828) 658-1217 or go to

Barrie Barton brings a wide-open, liberating skill for creative expression to her role as Artistic Director of Community Choreography Projects, dance educator and community choreographer. Her work invites participants to artful play, exploration and expression through movement, stories, creative writing and choreography. Barrie believes that movement is a vital celebration of life.