Are There Really Fun Secrets?

HMention the word SECRET, then notice:

  • Where do your thoughts go?
  • What happens to your breathing?
  • What happens in your body?

For many reasons, conscious and unconscious, we seem to immediately go to the dark, heavy and repressed ones. Those kinds of secrets take up space in our psyches and bodies; and, for some, once revealed can create freedom and healing. For others, keeping the secret is the best approach to their well-being.

Laughing GirlsBut secrets can also be light, fun, funny and unexpected. In Frank Warren’s PostSecret Book Confessions on Life, Death and God, he has the following fun and funny secrets.

  • “I pretend to sneeze in public so strangers will bless me.”
  • “I have stopped holding in my farts when I’m around you.”

Someone in Asheville, N.C. submitted an artful anonymous secret card stating, “I still sleep with my baby blanket. I’m 59 years old.”

So let’s stretch this subject of Secrets to include:

  • hidden and interesting information
  • silly, fun, funny and odd things I don’t know about you
  • possible surprises that inspires joy
  • something meaningful and loving that you’ve been meaning to tell someone for a long time

A message from one of my students arrived in my email last week. Her experience was a secret to me, unknown until now:

“Can I just tell you that I think about you all the time….You were one of the people that made a huge impact on my life…you are the best dance teacher and you taught me to be open to all forms of dance..I still have the video we made my sophomore year…LOL i watch it sometimes and think I should have pursued more dance classes.”

Donna Penland Garris

The conversation and exploration about Secrets continues with the cast of 20 community members who will perform in Secrets: Freeing the Hidden Story, Thursday – Saturday, June 20, 21 and 22 at Diana Wortham Theatre.



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