What is Movement Theater?

Our Movement Theater pieces are developed through a creative process. Each choreography process has its “givens,” and also allows space for discoveries of uncharted territory of story, choreography and staging.

One specific “given” is  every Movement Theater piece starts with a theme. Here are the one’s we’ve covered so far:

  • Relationships, 2006
  • Men, 2007
  • Women, 2007
  • Home, 2009
  • God, 2009
  • Legacy, 2011
  • Secrets, 2013
Letting you in on a Secret!

Letting you in on a Secret!

Another central “given” is cast members contribute personal stories and movements  that are composed and structured into a choreographic style that:

  • conveys universal and ordinary (but extraordinary) human messages
  • synthesizes the expressive power of movement and voice
  • creates fertile ground for emotional power and authentic expression
  • expresses physicality
  • delivers playful humor
  • invokes the bond of community with the players and with the audience

Here’s our 4 step process:

1. Process Phase

  • Engaging in an artistic conversation about a specific subject
  • Exploring your personal experiences within the context of that subject
  • Communicating with others in an open, willing and benevolent manner
  • Collaborating through story, movement, choreography and performance
  • Discerning and choosing material to be shared and expressed

2. Choreography Construction Phase

  • Your stories and movements become material for developing a performance piece

I had no clue I would be part of creating the piece. SURPRISE!!! I am honored that my words are part of the performance!!!! Since it is a collaborative effort, it belongs to each of us!         Brenda Swearingen

  • Portions of your stories and/or choreography may be joined with, altered and manipulated for the purpose of effective theater.
  • Suggestions and input of cast members is encouraged
  • Barrie directs final decisions

3. The Performance Readiness Phase

  • You learn about performance projection and become confident in your delivery.

  • You develop flavor and energy to your performance.
  • Add lights and sound.
  • Add costume and make-up
  • Add an audience.
  • AND The Show Begins….!!

The-Secrets-Cast-and-Stage-Low MB

4. Possible Discoveries and Outcomes

  • Theatrically staging our life stories adds dignity & worthiness to our life journey

  • Exchanging stories, collectively moving & creating enriches our life & broadens our understanding of others.
  • Attaining basic understanding of theatrical elements
  • Gaining confidence, new skills and new friends
  • Courageously stepping out of your “box,” and doing something you never thought possible
  • By framing old stories through the benevolent support of community and the arts, you may come to understand your life (all of it) is a masterpiece!



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