About Us

Community Choreography Projects

Since 2005, Community Choreography Project offers individuals and communities innovative and expressive work relevant to the human experience.

We create collaborative and community based movement theater pieces and performances based on universal themes such as Legacy, Home, Relationships, Faith and Gender.

The Family Table section of "There's No Place Like Home"

The Family Table section of
“There’s No Place Like Home”

By engaging in these workshops, projects and performances people encounter the liberation of dormant creative potential, self-confidence, and an open door to the strength and profound notion of community.

Pretty lofty claims?

Here are some of the experiences people have with us:

  • “…enabled me to discover so much about myself in ways I never would have imagined could bear such fruit.” Terry, age 60
  • “…one of the most fulfilling, powerful, moving, touching, community-filled, fun, creative, experiences I have ever been involved in“, Karen, age 40
  • “pushed my edges”, Teresa, age 53
  • “…one more place to show up, allow myself look within, and to see and be seen. I connected with people in a richer way than is found in every day encounters.” Rob, age 49

What is Movement Theater?

These movement theater pieces are the distilled collection of stories and movements from cast members that are composed and structured into a choreographic style that:

  • conveys universal and ordinary (but extraordinary) human messages
  • synthesizes the expressive power of movement and voice
  • creates fertile ground for emotional power and authentic expression
  • expresses physicality
  • delivers playful humor
  • invokes the bond of community with the players and with the audience

“I assumed you had the whole piece mapped out before we began. I had no clue I would sitebanner6_optbe part of creating the piece. SURPRISE!!! I am honored that my words are part of the performance!!!! Since it is a collaborative effort, it belongs to each of us.”

Brenda S. ~ performer Hand Me Down, 2011

The Audience Participates

The intersection of the individual, their stories and their personal discoveries is just half of the experience. A bridge is built between player and audience as the stories of the players are reflected with the audience’s life stories.

A female audience member commented, “I heard my story through a male performer. The gender difference didn’t matter; the story rang true for me.” The performer, though “untrained,” offers genuine and authentic insights thereby, providing a recognition of the poignancy and value of everyone’s story – true common ground.

After Show Forum

After Show Forum

“It is rare to witness such an event. So real and so personal and authentic….Dancing and speaking and moving about with ease and grace….The recorded voices very powerful.  How creative and penetrating.”

Starting Point

Some of the best creative work originates from experimentation and CCP was born from just that. In 2004, Artistic Director, Barrie Barton joined the Interplay Leadership Program. Having been more technically trained as a dancer, venturing into improvisation, stories, voice, collaboration and experimentation was a fresh and new approach to her creative work. On completion of the training, she created the first piece with 10 men that eventually was re-worked for the stage in 2007 for Holding Us.

Artistic Director

“To work in the realm of connecting community to the artistic and expressive process is my deepest calling. Conveying authenticity of real people and real lives through movement and story relevant to the human experience becomes an act of liberation.”

With 30 years of dancing, choreographing and teaching experience, Barrie Barton brings a wide-open, liberating and ineffable skill for creative expression to her role as the Artistic Director of Community Choreography Projects established in 2005. As a life long mover, choreographer and teacher, Barrie transitioned from teaching dance at two high schools to a Movement Artist offering her skills at workshops, conferences and institutions.

She was featured presenter at Gladdening Light Symposium in Florida, The N.C. Center for The Advancement of Teaching, Upward Bound at Mars Hill College as well as the leader for numerous  adult dance classes and workshops in the Asheville area.

Ms. Barton successfully produced four multi-media theater performances:

  • Hand Me Down, 2011
  •  Knock Knock, 2009
  •  Holding Us, 2007
  • Holding Love, 2006

Ms. Barton holds a BA in Dance from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Masters of Arts in Education from Vermont College. She received the 2010 Regional Artist Grant and is the 1985 recipient of the N.C. Arts Council Fellowship Award for choreography. She is a Certified Interplay Leader and continues advancing her learning by attending workshops: Ping Chong and Company (2012), Interplay Leaders Conference (2011 & 2012), Anna Halpern (2011) and Applied Improvisation Conference (2011).

As a result of her vision and experience, Ms. Barton inspires people to explore, express and expand their artistic nature in a fun and creative format; thereby, initiating personal liberation and building community connections that continue to inform and nurture our humanity.